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60020 Lini and Droogami (Pathfinder iconic gnome druid and snow leopard)


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Here are cute little Lini and her fluffy kitty-cat Droogami. She is the iconic druid in the Pathfinder game, and he is her animal companion.


I sculpted them late last year (2009) and painted them last month (July).


Here is the concept art by Wayne Reynolds: link to Pathfinder Wiki.


I took care to sculpt Droogami as a recognizable snow leopard, with a long thick tail, wide blunt head, and big paws. I referred to the DVDs of the "Planet Earth" series, which has amazing footage of a mother snow leopard and cub. The figure isn't quite as ferocious-looking as the concept art, but I was trying to make him more realistic.


I was pushing my detail-sculpting skills when I sculpted Lini, and I still had to do a lot of freehand on those tiny surfaces -- such as the bone-white lines on the armor and the very fine green lines on her forehead and cheeks. To make the figure castable, I had to attach her long eyebrows to the sides of her head, but I cut them away before painting so the end of each brow sticks out away from her head -- no new sculpting, just careful knife-work on the metal.








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I hate to necro this thread..  but Derek, this is still easily the best mini of a snow leopard out there.  12 years later, and it’s the only cat mini that says “snow leopard.”   I’m about to order one - are there any particular paint colors that you’d recommend for palette on this, in hind sight? 

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