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Black Orcs of Kargir

Gus Landt

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I haven't got my copies yet, but ALL the special abilities from Warlord and Savage North are supposed to be in Savage North. Right now, as a teaser, I'm constructing forces for Icingstead on the reapergames armybuilder. After you build the army, when you output it, all the SAs for your force are put on paper. Really helpful tool for playing the game, or just daydreaming.

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And now the books have arrived, I'm ready to go ::D:

I notice that most of the advice is geared towards 1000 pt warbands. To begin with I guess I will be aiming for something smaller, around 500pts. This means its easier to get the warband ready, and two shorter games will give more learning experiences than one longer one (that's the theory...)

So, any suggestions for smaller warbands?

My initial idea was

Hrodash, 2 black orc hunters, black orc marauder, 1 goblin sticker, 2 goblin stingers, 2 goblin swarmers and Gnax = 243

Boneflayer, 2 gnoll raiders, gnoll reaver, Venomspite = 208

3 hyenas = 51


No real thoughts to tactics with this lot, just what I have to hand and painted (Bones with a few D&D minis)


C&C welcome

This is a perfect starting point. Play a few games and learn the rules and the SAs. That's the way to ease in. After you get the hang of it, and start adding different troops and combos, you learn the synergies, and then it gets deeper. If you have a blast, with your bones and some D&D minis, you may end up building more forces. It's a slippery slope.

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I recommend a gentlemen's agreement with your opponent to avoid Warlords and >100 point Solos/Monsters at the 500 point game level. They are not balanced for such a low point army. The army you posted is a great starting point and will allow you to practice all the combat types and several SAs.

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::D:Thanks for al the replies and help. This is a very friendly forum indeed.

I hope to get a few games in before Christmas, that should give me a better idea where to go with things.

Presumably there is no problem collecting models and using them for either Reven or Kargir, depending on the style of game? The proxy rule seem to suggest this (as long as it is clear to my opponent).

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Nothing played yet but how is this for a list? Mostly bones except for Torg, 2 of the marauders, talanka and the currently painted goblins.




Troop 1


Torg Tundra stalker

Garnak the butcher

Black orc archer x1

Black orc hunter x2

Black orc marauder x3

Tundra stalker x2

Goblin swarmer x2 (Orc Doctrine ability)


Troop 2


Talanka, Ogre Shamaness



I know someone said 100+ pt solos in a 500 point game are a little wonky so I'm not sure if Tlanka is to tough to be fair in a 600 point game. I can bring it down to 500 by removing her and her familiar and adding some goblin archers and magic items, but then I have no magic support. What do you think? (Also My goblins stingers aren't painted yet.)

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I don't check the Warlord threads anymore, but I'd say Talanka is fine. The way the game is balanced no figure should ever seem wonky.

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Has someone tried out Kargir spells?

As printed in the book, Indoctrinate wording seems incorrect - the effect is a buff and spell is Attack. Can we target friendly models with Attack spell? No. For Non-Attack it would seem to be underpriced.


Is the Dying Breath cast on a model, already removed from play? Or upon a still living one and it triggers an additional strike, if later killed?


Do we have an Errata/FAQ for Savage North?

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