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Frost Giants of Icingstead

Gus Landt

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As I noted a few posts up in this thread (post #32), the idea of improving a list can only really be determined based on what list your list will be facing. So, its not simply a situation where I can say, swap this for that and you will have more success.


Having said that, I do agree with your assessment that with your entire list being large and giant based models, you will have a harder time when you face an enemy horde type lists or lists with decent amounts of stunning type magic.


In terms of integrating humans into the list, the easiest option is to simply replace a frost giant, whether it be one of the soldiers, or the princess. Personally, what I like to try and do is to have 1-2 standard based models for every large based model I have in my list. But, again its not always as cut and dry as that. The main thing is to look at their synergies. For example, trading in a warrior for 5 axemen would allow you to have a cheap 14 inch attack ranged model that could be used to get quick hits on an enemy flank or run around the first line to hit something juicy behind it. Plus it would be 10 DTs the enemy would have to account for instead of just 4. But, on the downside, they are cheap and therefore wont survive as long, especially if you run them across the table all by themselves. But, if you need the quick hit, they can be affective.


Another option would be to try and make a play off of the giants with SA Reach. This would require a bit more transformation of your list tho. Something like:

Icingstead - 996 points


Troop 1

Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver

Frost Giant Spearman x 3

Barbarian Berserker x 4


Troop 2

Dorog Frostclaw, Yeti Chieftain

Oga Snowpelt, Yeti Shaman


Yeti Warrior x 2

Ice Toad


Troop 3

Frost Wyrm


Troop 4

Luck Stone

So, you would be dropping the Princess and two sword warriors for more giant spearmen along with a few other changes. The concept of this list would be that you can have your 4 giants swing over the top of the 4 barbarians. If you used axemen, it would not work as well since the axemen's strength is to use their rush attack to both move fast and limit the opponent's defensive swings. They would be running away from the spearmen and you would lose their synergy purpose. Meanwhile, the berzerkers strength is in their number of swings. And since they wont be outrunning the giant spearmen, they make a better pairing.


I tossed on a familiar for the shaman and had enough points left over to add a toad. But, obvisouly several other options could happen here instead. You could go for a book of tactics to help with intiative. You could go for more humans. Etc.. I added the familiar to the list to allow your shaman to sit back and focus to maxmize his spell casting potential as well as the familiar's ability to regenerate spell points, thus letting the shaman cast more spells. I put in the toad, cause, well, I just love the toad. Anytime you can stun your opponent where they cannot defend themselves or come attack you, helps you control the battlefield and I like controlling the battlefield.

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Thanks Stubbdog - I appreciate your input.


I understand what you are saying about the circumstances defining the list. I'm still at the beginning stage of this game and just trying to feel my way around any list I can make. After the games I've played so far, the observation is that giants hit very hard but I often don't maximize their potential due to lack of room. Reach helps with this but not all the time.


I like your description of the barbarians - it helps me understand other uses for them. What I find challenging with Warlords is that there isn't alot of discussion of merits/flaws with the different troop choices on these boards so I'm working on figuring this out for myself.


Not complaining, just an observation.


Perhaps once I get a better handle on the different models, I can contribute my thoughts to the forum to help new players with what models they may want to buy first.

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After posting to the forums for as long as some of us have, it becomes easy to forget that newer players may not look at datacards the same way that we do. Worse, those of us involved in the rewrite to 2nd edition talked about these cards til we were blue in the face, but none of that discussion was public. Much of what I see as intuitive regarding synergy of abilities, combat roles, and the like are probably not so to you.


So, feel free to poke us and prod us with specific questions; that usually gets our attention and gives us some direction on exactly what you are looking to have answered.The thing about the merits and flaws of different models, is that depending on your faction and/or play style, you may not agree with someone else's view of the datacard. Models that I never use might be your bread-and-butter, and vice versa.



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Below is a list I ran a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I ran it really poorly. It was a three team game and I moved my casters to the right flank. Nadhezda got a domination off which allowed me to get a few hits on Looter's warlord, but I didn't cast anything with Oga because I didn't think I had range. I then used Oga as a shield for Nadhezda. Pro tip, don't use a DV10 model to block for your caster. So both of my caster's died quickly.


Having curse on a bunch of models was fun and fairly effective. The necropolis army on my left flank did not get the benefit of their focus action most of the time. The necropolis player was also built around the doctrine to get +2 from bloodlust, but my did not give him the benefit of it which made it a nice fight. I like the list and want to try running it again sometime.





Handmaiden of Keskura x6




Handmaiden of Keskura x4



Handmaiden of Keskura x4



Ice Troll

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