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GenCon 2010 Tournament results!

Gus Landt

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14 players took part in the 2010 GenCon Warlord Tournament. The most incredible thing about that is there were 13 different factions! Only the reven had more than 1 person playing them, and those 2 armies were quite different (1 bull orc based, 1 goblin based).


1st Place with 50 points: Adam Waters w/ Darkreach

2nd Place with 42 points: Jason Dees w/ Elves

3rd Place with 39 points: Jason Klotz w/ Reven (goblin based)

4th Place with 36 points: David Ewen w/ Overlords

5th Place with 35 points: Danny w/ Kargir


It was awesome to see 5 of the new Savage North factions in action!


The Best Painted Army award was split between two players. Mark Theurer w/ Darkspawn and Scott Vaughn w/ Reptus!

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Thanks to Reaper for hosting and providing awesome prizes. The first place trophy was great. Seeing 13 factions in action was a site to be seen.


Let's hear it for Cincinnati (Queen City Kings) for grabbing 4 of the top 5 spots!


The best painted armies were very nice.

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My Elf army is:


Elves - 999 points


Troop 1

Larnach the Grey



Death Seeker x 7



Troop 2

Daereth, Royal Guardsman



Royal Guardsman x 6

Book of Tactics



Troop 3

Silvermaine, Unicorn


Troop 4



I was using the SP regen/Don't lose a card doctrine.

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I too had a lot of fun at the tournament. It was my first time playing in a long while and I ran a Koborlas army. I did pretty well in the 1st scenario, General Murphy, but pretty much got whacked in the other 2. Congrats to the winners and to Reaper for running a fun event.

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In the facebook link above the Reptus are seen on the row next to the bottom, 2nd from the left. My Darkspawn are seen a few rows higher.



Anyone willing to repost those two pics outside of Facebook for the conspiracy theorists out here?

I set up the gallery as "open" so you don't have to register to view them.

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