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NEfsokar and Bloodstone double team

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So we were playing a 2v2 game recently. Reven (me) and Korborlas vs. Nefsokar and BSG. The nefsokar held back one of the wolves troops, for a turn, with their ability. The next turn the BSG used their ability to deploy a charnel grub which was deployed on the Reven/wolf deployment edge. it was able to base with a Reven troop I was keeping in reserve. At the wolves deployment the player brought his delayed troop onto the field. He was able to base with the Charnel grub without having to move first, hoping to focus. Both myself and the other two payers agreed that you probably could not start off with a troop in B2B with an enemy troop so we made him move. However, there is nothing stating in the rules that you cannot since normal deployment rules don't have to worry about that. So who was right?

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No, I think you misunderstand. They get their normal 2 actions, but must start from the edge of the board. So even if you just want to place them on the edge of the board you need to move in order to do so: however if you want you can take up to the entire movement value of your model as measured from the boards edge. Once that is done you can use your second action however you want. So focusing in such a situation is not viable, but attacking is (well you could focus, but doing so would waste your last action).


Remember also, you can never simply 'move' into btb with an enemy, in order to get into btb you must use the move action: charge.


You ruled correctly.

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