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Want a Winter / Fall Painting Contest?



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While I really like the Halloween idea maybe something more open like your favorite (Holiday) event from 01OCT to 02 Feb. So it could be a party, Halloween, Superbowl, Christmas, Yule. The binding factor being an event during the Fall/Winter.


I like this idea!

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Oktobrefest? :P


Halloween is an obvious theme, and usually has cool entries. Could either be scary stuff or like, costumed minis. Like.. dressed like a traditional witch or in a catsuit with little ears..you know? Trick or Treat.


Of course the theme can just be the season itself.


I'm not good enough to participate in a contest but I shall enjoy watching, no matter what the theme is. :)

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Have we come to a decision yet about a contest? I am assuming that a fall/Halloween theme is out of the question, now that we have only 2 weeks 'til Halloween, but if a straight fall or winter theme is the decision then we need to find out pretty soon so we can prepare. Plus, I am ready for a new challenge. It will also be a good warm up for Genghis Con in February.

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