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The Scholar Adventurer WIP

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A buddy of mine is an English teacher at Cal-Poly, where he regularly teaches 19th century fiction, pop culture, and damn-him-but-it's-true graphic novels. I decided to paint a fanciful version of him as a knight errant of sorts, armed with literature both high and low.


To that end I picked up the Hordes solo Viktor Pendrake, who's already a step in that direction. He comes stock with a couple weapons, and books stuffed into his pockets; I wanted to exaggerate the book angle. So I ordered a couple sprues of the GW Mordheim Arcane Books, and arranged them tastefully around Pendrake's feet.




The challenge is to make the books representative of my buddy's interest. So, there's a Thor collection in front, an MLA handbook in the middle, and the open book is an illuminated-style comic abecedary, with the page open to "B," and Batman. The bat symbol is in progress, but the illuminated letter is there.




The back is a rather large bound version of The Lord of the Rings. Cover is in progress, but you can see the Tolkien logo emerging.




So why's there a pig's head there underfoot? Because ignorance is boar-ing, and needs stamping out. I kill myself!


C&C welcome. Work continues.

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What a great idea! And I can see that it is really coming along. Freehand is my achilles heal, but it seems to be your forte. Keep it up! Can't wait to see more!


Thanks, all. You are too generous in your estimation of my freehand skills. I tell you this: metallic paint is painful with a 3/0 brush.

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Oh, dude! That's good stuff. The glasses look a bit too blue for my tastes, but if they're shades my comments disappear (and refractive media are frickin' hard no matter what).


I'm playing a scholar-gone-Lovecraft in a friend's campaign right now, patterned on Walter Gilman from ol' Howard Phillip's The Dreams in the Witch House. This has so many awesome cues I wish I'd incorporated into my figure... well done, sir; well done indeed.

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