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Here are some shots of a Chronoscope Captain Griffon miniature I completed a while back.


I run a Champions (superhero roleplaying) game, so the Chronoscope line has been a godsend. Champions uses a hex map for fighting, and it's all pretty integral to the system, so minis really spruce the game up. Unfortunately for the good Captain here I need supervillains, not superheroes (the players seem content to sort out their own minis, some of which have been posted here).


Again: This is a villain.










Since taking these pictures he's been transplanted onto a scenic base, but I've been too lazy to take new pictures, and this set shows off the mini well enough.

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Thanks for the compliments, everyone!


I did borrow some of the look from the character Stormfront in The Boys- while he wears a different costume in the book's "present" this is pretty close to how he looked in the 40's.


I was unaware there was actually a hate group known as Stormfront. Along with all the other queasiness I got from painting a swastika on a guy, now I ge to worry one of those idiots might think it's meant as a compliment.


But man, Nazis make some great villains.

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