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Madrak World Ender


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This is another mini that I painted for the P3 Grandmasters painting competition. He was awarded a silver medal (which I'm proud of, given the competition at the event).


For those of you less familiar with the mini, I extended the base and cut off some embossed runes in order to paint them back on as freehand.



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oooh, I saw this guy at Gen Con. Very nicely done! Im not a huge fan of the sculpt, but I believe your paint job maybe helping me to change my mind a bit. Well done and congrats on the Silver!





On the sculpt, I have to say one thing- he's real hell to photograph. I wasn't too fond of the mini when PP first announced him, but after I got one in my hands all of that changed.


But he's a mini that's meant to be viewed from above- and that's a weird angle for taking photos of minis. My wife got these photos for me, and she put forth quite the valiant effort to get them.

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