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Just finished - my marilith! (Listed as demon whose type begins in V)


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Can't recall the spelling the Reaper naming peoples gave this one, but by monster manual standards, she is a marilith. Just finished her! She's slightly eccentric, but I'm pleased with how she turned out. I want to paint another one after a while once I have more tools and practice, since I think I can improve still and she's a good test of that. I don't have the tiny files needed to get rid of the molding lines on a character like her currently, but someday....


Enough chat, here she is! Picture didn't capture all I wanted, due to lighting etc. That and I use gloss to highlight some things like gems, which can't be seen properly in a photo (green gems in a sword etc).





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Very nice!


I love the skin. It looks very realistic ::):

Thanks! I was hesitant about the skin since it was so very matte finish, which is a good thing but most skin has some oils. First time painting bare breasts too (Should I have put that as a link instead? Some of the forums don't like that...) which was interesting. They seem normally boob-like :D

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