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WIP Darksword's Elmore Angel

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Heya folks,


I'm starting to remember things now lol. Of course some of those are things I was doing wrong, but at least I feel better about my brush!

Anyway this is Elmore Angel from Darksword miniatures. I picked up her and several others from the booth at GenCon. Truthfully between Reaper, Darksword, and Privateer, I could probably live on these miniatures.


Anyway only the face is done at the moment, but as many of you saw before that is one of my trouble parts in most miniatures. I think very often the highlights are slightly off, and my skin tone tends to be washed out alittle bit. I would like more of a glow to the skin. Oh well something to work towards. Without further ado...




Truthfully I think my camera helps this mini out a bit. As always comments and suggestions are welcome!



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Agreed on the skin. It looks very nice. Smoothly shaded, and realistic. I'd like to see how the wings and cloth go, as shading "black" is occasionally a trouble area for me. I've dealt with it three ways now and none are quite what I'd think is ideal, but I've gotten better. Dark gray/blue with lots of black washes, dark brown with lots of black washes, and pure black matte, with gloss as highlights. Always odd!


I like the overall crispness of the figure, as she seems fairly alive already.

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