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Release schedule and bases

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Anyone that can point out if there is a release schedule for unreleased Warlord models? In particular:

  • Skadi, Half Goddess
  • Gilok Onyxfist
  • Forge Titan
  • Hrolfgad Loftsaddle, Griffon Rider
  • Herald of Blood
  • Boerogg Blackrime, Frostreaver
  • Nadezhda the White, Ice Witch
  • Joeliyn, Leader of the Blade


Also, do Reaper/Warlord minis come with their appropriate base or do I need to buy them separately?

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I haven't seen any of them in Game Trade, so they are all at least a couple months out. Other than Boerogg, I haven't seen greens or whites of any of them, so they all may well be a lot farther out than that. That being said, all of those are going to be pretty popular once they come out, so I expect Reaper has the appropriate sculpters slaving away to get them finished.


Then again, maybe they are all slated for release next month and I just haven't been paying attention......who knows?

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Speculation: Sometime in the next 18 months


But then again, we still don't have a broodmaster. I think the larger a model is the tougher it is for Reaper to squeeze into the production scheduele, unless they forsee a particular mini being a big seller I'm not sure how profitable such large models are, but I'm guessing they are not nearly as in demand as many of the smaller minis.

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Also, do Reaper/Warlord minis come with their appropriate base or do I need to buy them separately?



Yes and no. If the figure is released through the Warlord line its base will be right with only a couple exceptions... like if you get an older packaged Griffon. But some models have been released as Dark Heavens models and after their release Reaper decided to add them to the game. If the model's number starts with 14*** it should have the right base, if it is a 2*** or 3*** you'll need to buy a base.


Like in the Iceingstead faction Deathsleet, Svetlana, Ice Troll, Kord, Frost Giant Spearman, Ice Toad, Ice Warrior, and Winter Wolf are all from the Dark Heavens, P-65 or Boxed Set lines and would not have the appropriate bases.

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