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I think you already have a good concept brewing.


I dont know what your rules are related to how your gold to points spending is, but I can say that if you need to add some smaller troops fast, dont forget about the imps. What they lack in firepower, they make up for in their SAs. For example, they could possibly have taken the hit for Rahl and kept him clean with their Provoke. The fact that they move 8 and have Hover means they can hang back out of the way and still get just about anywhere within 18 inches to provide support.


Another idea is simply to spend the easy 25 points on a Flask of Hellfire and give that to Guros to allow him to cast two fiery AOE spells before landing.


But, yes, magic, ranged attacks, and big monsters are all worth more, the smaller the game is. Oh, and Damage Reduction too.

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To sum up our homemade'ish concept.


* Each army starts at 500 pts.


* After each battle you get a base income of 50 gold(pts) with +10 for a win and -10 for a loss. (The income is cummulative and carries over to the next battle. If you win your first battle, your base income is 60. Then 50 if you lose the next one, 70 if you win, and so forth)


* Each model in your crew costs upkeep. Warlord(5), Capt/sergeant/Elite(3), Solo/monster(5), Soldier <25(1), Soldier >25(2)


* Each crew has 3 random territories to start out. Some give added income. (Ex.Owning a bridge gives a tax income of +d10 gold/+3d10 if win)


* Each Model earns 1exp for surviving. Leaders/Elites/Solo's earn an additional 1exp for every enemy they kill.


* At 2exp Soldiers get their first level-raise. They randomly roll an increase with a d10. 1-8 being +stat, 9-10 being a skill.


* Leaders gain first level-raise at 3exp, and roll an a similar level-up board as soldiers.


* Models dying in battle roll a d10 on a chart. Leaders: 1 = death, 2 = Injury, 3-10 = no effect.. Soldiers: 1-3 = death, 4-10 = no effect.


* Your army has a company rating, which is basically Total pts + total exp. If you face an opponant with a company rating 100+ your own, your models earn double exp for the battle. Furthermore we play different scenarios, where all of them to some extend favor the underdog.


* We have a rule disallowing models costing more than 150pts. This is still debatable though, since we are fairly new to the game. (It basically stems from an old WHFB phobia, concerning the joykiller megadragons tying up 50% of a 1k army etc. We want to avoid an armsrace where biggest monsta wins.)

Im not really sure if the gamemechanics of Warlord makes big monsters in small-point armies less of an issue than was the case in WHFB?


* Should your crew get smashed beyond repair, you are always allowed to start over with 500 pts, but you ofcourse lose any exp earned so far etc.


* You are allowed to switch out different soldiers/heros and keep their initial pointcost. You lose their exp though. (Ex. I have 14 gold spare, so I decide to remove a paintender and get 16 pts for a total of 30, in order to buy an Ice Demon)



Its all pretty much in a playtesting fase at the moment, but so far it has proven to be quite fun. :;):


I'm back to scrutinizing the armybuilder, trying to figure out how to branch out my crew, after I hopefully get a win during our next game nite.


- Azazel

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Hi People.


At the moment Im trying to incoorporate Marilith in an armylist. After giving Darkspawn some thought, it seems to me that the fraction relies alot on magic and melee SA's.


My question is this.


Is it overkill to put both Magic weapon and Gruesome Weapon on Marilith? It should result in a whole lotta Dis checks and Shaken enemies, but am I investing too many points in a 3-track solo glasscanon?

(We're only playing 500pts)


The Demoralize SA requires multiple enemies in B2B, and Im not too certain if thats even a good idea with a DV11 3track model... or what?



Anyways. Id love some input on how you usually maneuver Marilith around to get maximum out of her abilities. What kinda enemy models do we tend to avoid, and who would we love to jump?


Thx in advance.


- Azazel


PS: I might just be paranoid after my last game, where everything thrown my direction seemed to hit and wound....

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You can't do both. p.51, Personal Equiment:


"A model may not take more than one piece of equipment of the same type".




Don't have the book with me. It's at the place we usually play.

Does it meen you cant take "two weapons" (ex. Gruesome + magic weap.), or does it meen you can't take "two weapons of the same type". (ex. 2 x magic weapon)?


Anyways - Any thoughts on my other questions regarding how to optimize the use of a relatively expensive glasscanon like Marilith?


If it meens only one weapon, which would you go with, and why?


- Azazel

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I only provided the Reader's Digest version of the relevant text. It goes on to clarify that it means you can't take 2 pieces of armor, 2 weapons, etc.


I can see making a case for either. With 6 attacks, there's nothing wrong with adding a Magic Weapon to get a flat +1 on all the rolls. If you do this, the marilith starts to move more in the direction of of a monster-hunter - with 6 attacks at MAV 6, she could be easily sent against targets that have more DTs than her, with a reasonable chance of eliminating the target (possibly without retribution, due to Shock).

If you use a Gruesome weapon instead, then she moves more in the direction of a soldier-killer, as soldiers are more likely to be affected by the combo of SAs (due to generally poorer Dis values).


That being said, I think she is perfectly capable without either upgrade. Personally, if I were to add something to her, I think I'd lean in the direction of the Magic Weapon,



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