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The Secret Garden


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This model was made for a friend of mine...everything in it has references to her. So if your looking for what part of the story this comes from, you'll be looking a really long time!!! The base is sculpted completely from milliput and despite some architectual flaws, it came out pretty good I think! It was my first time trying the sheer cloting thing as well as trying a sparkle effect on the dress. Anyways, I hope you like her. Here is the CMON LINK






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This is so gorgeous, Aaron!


When I saw this in person at Games Day, I think I asked you whether the mini was finished. There must have been something about the lighting in the Golden Demon room, because I couldn't even tell the dress was supposed to be sheer. This is literally the very first time I've ever seen photos that look better than the mini did in person. Of course, in person I got a better idea of the scale, which makes the photos now even more impressive.


You really did a superb job painting this, and the sculpting of the base is fantastic.


We talked about the arch, and I think it was also discussed in your WIP, too, so I won't mention it again. The angle of the wall itself looks a little slanted, though, too. It's not severe enough to distract from the mini, fortunately, but it's something to keep in mind for next time. You should probably use a protractor. ::):


The painting is beautiful. I really like the sheer dress. The sparkle effect is lovely, and her skin tones are luminous. The crown color could have stood out from her hair color a bit more, but it looks metallic enough to differentiate it.


Yet another super, super painting, Aaron! Your work is truly inspiring!

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Its interesting that you mention that mg...I often struggle between what looks good in a photo and what looks good in real life! The details on this one are very small. Its something I'm working on as well :-) oh, and the wall is supposed to go in a little bit so that was intentional. Of course if it looks like a mistake, then it is! Oh well, gotta remember that for next time!! Thanks for the feedback! It really does help!

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Looks great as always.


Have you done this mini before? I could've sworn I'd seen it and even remember a discussion about the plaster looking kinda thick and how you sculpted the door curlicues out of green stuff. Am I just going crazy?


That was in the WIP, I believe.

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