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Shadowhorn Satyr


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This is a Shadowhorn Satyr that I painted for the P3 Grandmasters competition at Gencon.


Overall, I liked the Shadowhorn mini, he has the dynamic musculature that I really love from Jason Hendricks' work. However, I felt that the original pose made it hard to see his face, so I reposed his head and hands. Quite a bit of his neck is green stuff.


I posted him up on Coolmini, if you care to vote.








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How did this guy to if you don't mind me asking?



I don't mind at all. He won a silver medal. If you know the new system that the P3 competition used this year, that means that he was graded on his own merits.


I have mixed feelings on the new system, since I would have walked away with a bronze trophy or two had the rules not changed this year. However, this mini would have left without any recognition at all (because the single and warbeast categories really were that badass). Since I won a silver in every category, I figure that my painting was all at the same level, whereas getting a couple trophies and several nothings would have made it look like my painting was hit and miss.


The overall winner for the category was that terrific War Hog we saw.

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