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Dipping Project: Loon Brigade

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I decided to start a new team for Blood Bowl and decided to dip them.

Thanks to deciding to dip the team it were all done in one weekend without working long or hard including the Troll conversion.


















































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They look good for a weekend project. What did you use for dip?

I used Army painters. I have not experimented with polishes and such as I feel that it works for me.


I assume you dipped in army painters darkest shade again, like you did with the empire army? How far does a tin of army painters go? How many figures can you get out of it (assuming a paint on technique).

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Yes always the darkest shade of Army painter. In my experience it does the job best.


I think that you will get dip for at least 500 miniatures in each can of Army Painter if you use the brush on method.


Oh wow, that is more than enough. Now I just have to search for it somewhere over here in Australia.

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