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Magnus Battlegroup


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This was my entry in the Battlegroup section of the P3 Grandmasters painting competition. They were awarded a silver medal.


The color scheme was a challenge from my wife. I had already started painting up some of Magnus' warjacks with tons of battle damage on them, and wanted to make this battle group match. She decided that the blue on them especially needed to be more impressive (subtle blending mixed with strong contrast of the darkest to lightest colors). I think they turned out pretty well.


Anyway, here they are.


I've posted them all up on CMON, if you feel like voting, I won't stop you:













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I really like the color choices. Not enough Merc players seem to get away from the standard Merc green. This is a really nice change that feels familiar at the same time.


The face is spectacular. That five o'clock shadow is awesome.


When do warcasters get the chance to shave, anyway? Seems everytime they bring their not-insubstantial traveling carnival of death into a new town or village (appropriately sized 4' x 4'), they're attacked by another one.

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These guys were based on a Magnus color scheme that I had been using a little bit before, but with a bit more detail and a lot more contrast in the blue (when I told my wife that I wanted to use the same color scheme on these guys, she told me that I was required to step it up).


Overall, I was very happy with the results. And Magnus especially has no time to shave.

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