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Another one done for Commission


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Well, here is a shock! Another Nude female Fantasy figure.lol. This one done for commission. This one is a Tinman Mini, Princess Livia, but is different than what they show on their web site. I think this had to be a special edition similar to Reapers Urban Legend stuff. the customer also sent me Tinman's other Princess Mini (also a special edition) and I will work on her probably next week.


Anyway, I used Tamiya's Copper Metallic for her head piece, necklace, ankle piece and one of here armlets. I washed that with Brown Liner then mixed the copper with some pearl white for the highlights, which again seem to disappear in photos. All of the other paints used were Reaper Master Series paints.


The customer wanted her to have some tattoos so, I added those. My favorite is the butterfly just above her rear.


I really Like how her skin tone came out. Almost the best skin I have done.


I have been playing around with some new backgrounds for my light box and found that a really dark grey or a medium dark blue work well. For some reason, the blue works well on some, but not on others. This mini seemed to go into a reddish tone with the blue background, but with the Dark Grey she was a little subdued. I just had to bring up the contrast and color some to get her to actually look like what you see in hand.


Hope you all like her. C & C are always welcome.


Princess Livia

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Tinman has links to the nude versions on the pages that display the more-clothed versions. I believe that Tinman was making sure he appealed to all collectors of fine miniatures.



Must have missed the link. Personally I like the clothed versions anyway, but a commission is a commission and I paint what is asked of me.

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