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I converted and painted this unit to enter into the 2010 P3 Grandmasters painting competition (at Gencon). They got a silver medal.


For those of you unfamiliar with the sculpts, the leader mini started out looking exactly like the other two. The head was swapped, and the hand was sculpted from scratch.


I was running way behind and finally finished these guys at two in the morning before my flight left. I took a two hour nap before driving to the airport.


I've also posted them up on Coolmini, if anyone cares to vote.




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Man! You were extremely productive for Gen Con. Congrats on all the coins.



This is the last of the bunch. Overall, I liked having an entry for each category, but in the end, it was a little too crazy to get them all finished in time.


I'll enter the competition again next year, but I'll probably just enter one or two categories rather than all five.

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