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New Figure Finder rollout

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Hello everyone! As some of you may remember, many months ago while giving a sneak peek at some of the new stuff coming down the pipe, we also gave a look at the planned upgrade to the Reaper Figure Finder. The older incarnation had checkboxes that allowed you to click umpteen million variables for figures, thereby almost guaranteeing no results ::D:. The main design goal with this new version was a guided search that would update itself as it went to show which options would actually return figures. Note that the underlying mechanics remain the same; you can still type whatever you want into the search box, hit [GO], and see what happens.


The "class" options at the bottom are a relatively new grouping of tags for miniatures. We decided going towards general roles rather than specific was warranted due to the fact some class names are properties of their respective game systems, and we didn't want users to search for "Weaselmancer" and get no results. We also ran into the problem of so much class overlap for single figures; giving a guy holding a sword the ranger, rogue, barbarian, fighter, paladin, kitchen sink, etc. tags was getting to be a bit much.


The detail page has also been updated to show painted versions of miniatures both from the Showcase gallery and images from the Inspiration gallery that were promoted for use in the store/site. As always, tags are constantly being tweaked behind the scenes as well, but you should be able to find a wide variety of figure results from the guided search.


I hope you enjoy the revamp of the Figure Finder!

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