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Sealing while painting


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So, I worked on Judas Bloodspires cape last night for a few hours, and i got it to where I don't totally hate it. I finished one side, and now I need to paint the other. I had heard of people using brush-on sealer to protect while painting.


Can anyone give me some guidelines on how to do this, since my forum searches produced nothing.


Do I water down the sealer at all, or use full strength? Should I use one thin coat, or build it up as if the mini is finished? Would RMS sealer be best, or would Future? Can I go back and touch up the paint later or once I put on the sealer is it done and finished?



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When I've read about people doing this, they usually talk about using a spray sealer like Testor's Dullcote. However, I see no reason why you couldn't use a brush-on sealer over acrylic paint. If you've used inks, brush-on sealer might reactivate the ink and make it bleed, so I wouldn't try it for that without testing first.


RMS sealer works well and will give a flatter appearance if you add water to it. I would cut it about 1:1 with water when used to finish a mini. You can paint right over the sealer with no problem. Use extra coats only once you're done painting, if you will be handling it a lot. I've used Liquitex Matte Medium and Vallejo Matte Medium as sealers, and they work well, too.


I suppose Future would work, but Future is glossy. It cures to a tough coat and is great for gaming minis with a matte sealer over it. I haven't tried painting on top of it, though, so I'm not sure how it would work for that.

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