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Aizen Krahl vs Koborlas

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So, I decided to go with a faction that i have not played in a long long time. I pulled out dwarves for a change. And it so happens that I faced off against the Koborlas tonight.


My list:

Dwarves - 995 points


Troop 1

Logrim Battlefury

Gilam, Rune Spelunker - Hammer of the Mountain God

Margara Firetongue - Hammer of the Mountain God

Swiftaxe x 7



Troop 2

Ursula, Bear Rider

Durthen, Boarmaster

Bear Rider x 4


Luck Stone

Totem of Battle


2 troops, 2 cards, 1 spy, 16 models



His list was something similar to the following:

Koborlas - 992 points


Troop 1

Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha

Armor of Courage

Warg x 3

Rageclaw Slayer x 3

Rageclaw Line Breaker x 2

Rageclaw Warrior


Troop 2

Feral Hunter x 5


Troop 3

Spirit Wolf



The point of my list was to maximize the hammers.. I noticed that the hammer's ability to do earthquakes as written in the book are considered specialty actions and not casting actions. This means that whoever i stick it on, is gonna most likely have to sit still while using that. So, I wanted to put the hammer on someone who i already was going to have sit still.. a caster. Came real close to using Snorri as well, but the second part of the hammer optimization overturned that idea. Again, since it is considered a specialty action, not a casting action, it actually means that if i give it to a caster, they can still use their regular casting action to cast a spell.


So, I sat back and let the puppies run across the table at me, and luckily for me they ran right into 3 funnels of terrain. A firestorm, fireball, and 2 earthquakes later 75% of them were either burning or stunned. Which then allowed for my swiftaxes to rush attack them. Regularly MAV 3, but 4 with Rage, 5 with totem, and 6s with Smite Large models FA. Add in the cleave and I was having some fun with the puppies..


Unfortunately for me, after all my glorious planning and watching it all happen so exactly as I needed it to... my opponent made about 6 tough rolls and all of that was for naught..


But, what it did do was put them all on their last tracks, so when they started hitting me, all I had to do was get a single defensive hit on them to make them take another tough check..


Lastly, the bears... you know fearsome doesnt pay for itself in every game.. but this one was a fun one when my opponent had 2 high DIS Slayers both fail fearsome checks while trying to charge some bears riders.


Due to his tough checks the game went back and forth for the full game length. But, in the end, I actually had a very convincing victory, as he finally failed tough checks and I made a few. When all was said and done, I had lost all the swift axes and half the bears. But that was it.

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Victory for Aizen Krahl! It's as it should be, really.


I'm going to have to get comfortable with cheering for the kingdom of Kragmarr too, but the REAL good guys are the Aizen Krahl Dwarves.


I'm gonna have to give that whole "total offense" strategy a try sometime. I'm far too nervous to field models with less than 11 DV.

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The point of my list was to maximize the hammers.


I have been choosing the "hammers" for my merc Plunder item.

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