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The whole D*mn Greek Army


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This has obsorbed me for the past 6 months. I wanted to really practice NMM nd I had a greek army to paint. There is little on painting bronze, but bronze can range from a dark brown to a shiny white, depending on how much its polished. The greek army handed down gear from father to son and much of it was booty from other armies, so it's a fantastic eclectic collection. Also, the greeks were democratic, and all classes served, so some only wore a tunic and carried a pike, while others were in complete polished armor. Given that the campaigns may not have given the soldiers time to polish their armor, while richer soldiers may have had servants to do this, the greek army would have differing degrees of polish and equipment. I didn't like the decals, so i painted each shield.post-5477-1284216527629_thumb.jpgpost-5477-12842165553451_thumb.jpgpost-5477-12842165889849_thumb.jpg

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