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Paint Like an Egyptian

Les Seabolt

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I love all things Egyptian and reaper has made so many cool figures. Stuff I buy and KNOW I'll never use but I HAVE to paint it

Here is a Sobek-worshiping giant sized figure. Wondering why she has mammary glands since she is primarily Reptilian......


The Seated Dead Pharaoh. Got this one as a birthday present 4 years ago and FINALLY finished it


I loved the way this one still had some healthy flesh and the rest necrotic


What is better than a Kopesh? TWO Kopesh (es? Kopeshi?)




And finally (For now) The statue of Anubis in humanoid form


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This figure was in the first batch, but my choice of Carnelian as a stone in the breast cups must have set the censors off

Here she is with Lapis instead



And I forgot Sobek


I have others that I cannot post here do to mamaphobia but you can see them in all their glory at

Webshots Egyptian album

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I am a fan of Egyptian themed Minis also. My first Reaper Pick up was the Anubis Guard and then later I picked up the Royal Guard Female from Dark Sword. I really like your color choices on all of the minis. You have done a great Job and you should be almost able to start your own Egyptian museum.

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