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60032 Seltyiel (Pathfinder iconic eldritch knight)

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This is Seltyiel, the iconic eldritch knight (fighter/wizard) in the line of Pathfinder miniatures.


You can see the concept art, by Wayne Reynolds, here: link to Pathfinder wiki.


The concept art is quite complex, and Werner Klocke simplified some of the details to make a figure that could be cast in only 3 pieces, but I decided to do some conversions to make the figure closer to the concept art. I carved and converted the fire demon to make it more slender and spiky (including adding the long tail), but I also reworked the hair, the pommel of the sword, the necklaces and earrings, and some other details. I added the hair (putty) hanging down in front, after I had painted his face.


For the base, I made a rock out of putty and then added more putty to simulate lines of powdered chalk in a pentagram shape. (Yes, I know that he does not fit within the cylinder projected from the circle of the pentagram. I wasn't rigorous about the mechanism of any summoning that might be going on.)








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good lord, Derek


that is friggin sweet!


the mini is almost identical to the artwork, ha ha.


Love the fire "bat-spell thingee", I like your additions. Its funny I was looking at the bit & was thinking something doesn't look right---now I know what it was


Awesome work Derek-love seeing what you'll come up with next in the Pathfinder line.

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vell vell vell, What haf ve heyah? Aaaahh, Eksssellent vurk herr Schubert. Yu haf managed to evade my qvestions at der Uber GenCon, but yu cannot esskap me for longk. ve shall see com der Oktober gatherign uff der arteests uf der Reaper miniaturezen speil. Machen Sie sich gefasst mein herumhüpfender Baumotter!!

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Thanks for the compliments, everyone.


@Cyradis: If the wards on my imprisoned painting-fairy's cell ever fail, it'll probably make a beeline(/fairyline) for your place.


@Warlady & JimL: Yeah, I carved the corner of his mouth up to give him that little smirk, and it took careful work (with a #0 Reaper Kolinsky sable brush) to get the eyes properly narrowed.


@SK: Werner Klocke is a quasi-mythological German personage who seems to have been abducted by pirates shortly after finishing the Seltyiel sculpt. In his absence, SIGIL seems to be preserving the presence of umlauts and capitalized nouns in this forum! ::P:



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