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A Bit of Progress


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I've never posted here before, but I have been visiting this forum for inspiration since I found it a couple years ago. I'm probably overdue for posting a some of my own efforts. Last year a friend offered to trade an unpainted Gauth and a couple of duplicate minis he had in return for painting a few minis for him. I finally completed my side of the bargain this month and I'm posting the results here.



Bear in mind that these are tabletop miniatures and we didn't take pictures of them until this week, so there are a few "wear spots" on some of them of them. I've posted them in the order in which they were painted.




I really couldn't get into this minature while I was painting it and it shows. The lantern was my first attempt at source lighting.





My first attempt attempt at NMM bronze (boots, crown, crossguard & pommel)




The helmet on the base and the fletchings on the giant, oversized arrow are green stuff.





I really enjoyed this miniature. The lilly pads are green stuff and the is water some melted plastic stuff I found at the local hobby shop. Sadly, I didn't get a good picture that shows off the Koi I painted in under the water :-(





Second attempt at NMM bronze. I tried adding some greenish corrosion to the shadows, but it's kinda hard to see.




Thanks for looking!

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Thanks for the warm welcome folks :-)


The guy I painted these for has most of his minis mounted on 1 inch hex bases, but he can't find anyone who sells them anymore. I wanted these to fit in with his other stuff so I cut new bases out of some scrap oak trim I had. I used a dremmel to hollow out the top and then blended the factory base into the top with green stuff.

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