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Well, they will send them to me here in MN for $5. How much would it then cost me to send them to you in the UK? If it would be a lot less, you could buy them ship them to one of us, we could ship it to you, and you could then reimbuse the shipping cost via Pay-Pal.



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Ebay! There are a couple of CAV1 rulesets and JORs on at the moment...


Yeah, thanks. But these are also in the US, and I have asked a couple of sellers are I cant find the two JoR books for less than $40 shipped. I will take another look, though. I just felt that - since it was first editiona and we are coming towards third, and since there was so much great background - the two JoRs would be obvious things to make available online for download.


And, no problem, TT. I am one of the very few non-US members here, as far as I know.


PM me, I may have a source here in the UK I can put you in touch with.

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