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2 doom minis, and belial


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ok so i got these 3 done a little while ago and have been too lazy to post them. in order, i painted belial, my DOOM spectre (from DOOM 64, and my hell knight last. the hell knight turned out really bright but oh well. the hell knight and spectre are my two favorites i have done so far because i tried a different blending technique. i used twice as many colors as i normally do, and these two minis look smoother than my others and have a better contrast.












hell knight



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Great work.


If I may offer some constructive criticism, I do not like the base of the winged demon. You have darker greys, and then all of a sudden white highlights. They seem to be too much of a jump up in color, in my opinion. First rate paint job on the rest definitely though, especially the wings.


And if I may not offer some constructive criticism, I shall go to the fridge and make myself a sammich instead.

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