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not a miniature but a project nonetheless


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What sane person would actually chop up a perfectly fine Animated Lockdown figure you ask!?


ME! (but most agree I am not all that sane :bday: )


This transformer is actually a little mod I did last week. The shoulder pads were carved to lie down straighter, the hands were carved so they extended fully. The decepticon symbols were scrapped off and I painted the chest a new shade of green and the forearms to match the package picture. I also painted the face to show more detail. All in all a good short project. I did screw up a bit on the windows though so they ended up kinda frosted, looks okay but I will make sure to tape them off next time. And yes he is still fully transformable and pose-able!




The next project I have on my bench is a Plain Model grade of Gurren Lagaan.

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Yeah. I have been unable to find a good red paint that covers well. I may try and pick up some tamiya paints and see what they do.





I like to undercoat larger sections with tamiya due to it's relative cheapness, and it's ability to cover most anything in a few coats.  Then move on to the better paints.



Man I miss Transformers Animated.



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