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Recruits con report


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I went to Recruits up in Lee's Summit this weekend. I brought stuff for Warlord demo games in the magnitude of 300 points. I broke army construction rules to make it work, but it's a demo. On one side were six models of Kragmar Dwarves. One the other side were six models of the Crusaders. I also brought my novels and the Savage North to have on a dealer table. I had a great time, but certainly learned a few things I could do better. Number one is bring a minion. Running demos and a dealer table and doing panels and making network connections all at the same time means you don't do any one of them well. So I let the dealer table deal with itself. I ran seven demo games. Kragmar won every game, but some were real nailbiters. I made some heavy converts, who will spread the Warlord goodness all around the KC area. I noticed Jay and Inarah taught a game or two, in addition to running the very popular paint-and-take. They had some excellent Egypt terrain out that people were drooling over. Wish I had brought some Nefsokar lists. Maybe in the Spring I'll have a chance.

300 turned out to be a great number for demo games. I made sure each side had a balance, excluding only magic. 2 troops, three models in each troop, no data card repeated. People loved the game and caught on right away. With all the rules and data cards next to them, I could have walked away after turn one. I did have a strange problem. Some people said things like “Good luck with your game.” and “You've made a great game here.” and “How can we get a copy in our gamestore?” I would gently point out Warlord 2.0 had probably 200 people help on it and I was just the demo guy. And you can order it through any gamestore, but they might even have a copy if you look around. Weird.

Archon is in two weeks, a fairly big con in St. Louis. I might whip up another demo. I'll need to find a minion. Where do you shop for good minion?

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Thanks for coming out for Recruits. It's a good little game con. Hope to see you again in the spring. We don't have a big following for Warlord around here and it doesn't help that one of our major retail store owners refuses to support it.


I made a small album of photos, mostly taken during the lunch break when the room was cleared out so you could see how many tables are out there.


photo album


DGS Games premiered their new line of figures at Recruits, they are pretty nice. They also have a RPG and a skirmish game in the works.


And I'd like to offer a great big thank you to Reaper and those individuals who donated figures and paints for the paint-and-take. It was very popular, at times we had people waiting for a seat. I had a lot of pre-teen girls show interest, too. I hope for the spring to have some figures in the "cute and fluffy" genre to better appeal to them.

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We don't have a big following for Warlord around here and it doesn't help that one of our major retail store owners refuses to support it.


Being from KC, I bet I could easily name who the store is that you are talking about. But I won't name names to protect the innocent. ^_^ But, yes, you are absolutely correct. I used to go to that store, but when they acted like they were the end-all be-all to gaming, and refused to support anything other than games THEY were interested in, I quit going. What a bunch of idiots! :rolleyes:


Anyways, I am glad that everyone had a good time. Warwick and I didn't coordinate our plans very well. I went to KC the previous weekend, including taking the Friday off, and had that planned before I knew he was headed to Recruits. :down: I would have loved to have shown up and hang out for a few hours. But, there would have been none of this Kragmarr stuff. It would have been all core rulebook Dwarves. :devil: And yes, I can beat the Crapsaders. ::P:




Wild Bill :blues:

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Yes I dropped by for a few hours to chat - I'll have to get a game in next time, hopefully we can have that large play area or tournament session you were talking about. Since I live in the area I would be more than happy to organize it next time to make sure we can get things going.


Just for those interested in the KC area, tomorrow night and next week on Tuesday I'll be at Tabletop Gaming running some games (they got a larger store with more tables) - I sure hope this isn't the store that you guys have been talking about, if it is I will probably head back to 31st Century. I'm going to start games at 7:30 and I have 4 armies that I can bring demo armies for - I'll try to do the same setup Warwick had. If people are interested in larger games I believe all four armies I own are easily 1000 point capable, so I can run that too (for those who want more than a taste from the demo).


In addition there are about anywhere from 2 to 5 of us who get together any given Tuesday, so anyone in the KC area is more than welcome to come throw down.

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