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02741:Fairies and Nymph


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Hello all,

I haven't done this in a while...and it's not even related to an exchange! (That's coming in a few days I hope).




This is one that I actually completed last year sometime. I just had forgotten to take pictures.

I pulled out my photo gear for the recent exchange and decided to do some catch-up.

Only changes I made, and it's not very obvious, was to bend her feet so she'd be up on her tippie-toes. I wanted to justify those calves ::):

I'd love to hear any comments and critiques you might have.

Hope you like her.




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Thanks to everyone for their kind words. I really loved MarikeR's paint-up of this mini and took my inspiration for skin color from what I thought I remembered. Later, checking back, my green was really green...but I was happy with it.


@Madog - the beach and water started as plaster-of-paris for the sand. I painted that a nice sandy brown (struggled something awful with that color). I then painted the deepest water part a nice turquoise-y blue, shading up to a wet sand color, then eventually ending in a dry sand color near the top of the beach. In the water area I painted a bunch of criss-crossing "ribbons" of white and off-white to represent caustic refractions on the floor of the beach.


I bought, from Michael's, a $9 "kit" for making water called SceneArama Ripplin' Water Kit (Actually, I bought one of each of their kits). These kits are great. Made by Woodland Scenics (Train Layout fame) for school projects, these little kits are perfect for my few mini bases that I make. I used "Realistic Water" in thin pours and as each layer dried, I'd tint with increasingly lighter shades of blue-green. Near the top, where the water is roiling about her feet, I waited a few minutes for the "Realistic Water" to set a little, then I teased the stuff with the tip of a toothpick. I started painting little "strands" of foam during the last few pours as well.


The final texture was "Water Effects" which is like Acrylic clear modeling paste. I stippled that on near the feet and down the path of some of the painted foam strands. When dry, that was painted white.


That's it...pretty simple ::):

Thanks again!


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