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The Keeper


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Darkness befalls the land...the Keeper calls upon ancient evil to raise the dead. By morning the land will be ripe with death for all those who stand against him!


This is the Keeper model from Red Box Games. I wanted to go with a really dark and evil theme to this mini. Thus the graveyard scene and the fact that its at night hopefully makes it all the more creepy! I went with a kind of purple glow from his crystal ball, just to give the piece a little more color...however to make it a little more "evil" I made the back of the ball and the eyes glow black. Its kinda a crazy concept but I think it adds to the "mood" of the piece. The base is sculpted from Milliput except for the gargoyle on top which I believe is a Hirst Arts cast piece. Anyways, I tried a bunch of new things on this piece, mainly trying to set a mood and create a feeling of despair so feedback would be appreciated!!


Vote if you dare!!













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Simply AWESOME my friend. It definitely has the feel that you are looking for.


Technical critique side of things: The light coming from the door suggests a night time scene with a light shining from within. meaning that the stairs and surrounding areas would be very dark. And maybe a shadow coming from the model towards the stairs due to that light behind him.


Meanwhile, there is no shadow and model and surrounding area suggests that it is a relatively well lit area. The tops of the stairs and the ground not affected by the light within as well as his back are all well lit up.


The piece with its contrasting lights and darks make the model look fantastic, but that technicality does come into play as well...

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The overal lighting is moonlight...all the stones have a blue tint to them with yellowish highlights...which of course I have all but lost in the photos...anyways, I definitly see your point with that....I toyed with putting a shadow going down the stairs which would have helped "sell" my light source a little better...then decided against it cuz I'm stupid!! lol

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I don't knwo what to say Aaron. Even my ghetto spanish fails me, which onyl very rarely happens. This is a truly beautiful piece of work.... one thing I will say is that it REALLY makes me want to work on some undead to go with this guy!


I think this is a great idea!

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