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Kargir vs Nefsokar

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Ok, so this week's battle report involves Kargir vs Nefsokar.


My list:

Kargir - 998 points


Troop 1

Toghra the Despoiler - Familiar

Tundra Stalker

Gnoll Reaver x 4

Gnoll Raider x 3

Goblin Sticker x 4


Troop 2

Yenkrak Boneflail

Gnoll Reaver x 4

Goblin Sticker x 4


Troop 3

Talanka, Ogre Shamaness




Albatross Amulet


My plan for this list overall was to have a bunch of blessed crazed vampire gnolls running around drinking up the opponent. Sprinkle in some Roar, Vicious, and a timely Exploding sacrifice to add that final touch. And just hope that my opponent didnt go archer heavy. With Toghra's WL ability I wasnt as worried about enemy casters. But, archers I was surely susceptible too.


Luckily for me, my opponent did not bring a single archer. Unluckily for me, he also didnt bring a single drinkable or shakeable model either.


So much for my game plan...


My opponent brought a Nefsokar list that was something similar to (incomplete but close to this):

Nefsokar - 973 points


Troop 1

Ammat - Armor of Courage

Thoth - Staff of Sokar, Canopic Jar

Ammat Devourer x 4

Anubis Guard x 2

Daughter of Sekhmet x 2


Troop 2

Chosen of Sekhmet

Ammat Devourer x 4

Anubis Guard x 2

Daughter of Sekhmet x 2


Troop 3

Sokar's Avatar



So, now I was scrambling to to and figure out what I could do. Looking at my army, I saw that I still had lots of cleaving, and could still bless my guys, and Talanka could still cast Ironskin on the big B. So, now it looked more like a question of who could outmuscle who. if my cleaving could outdo his Damage reduction. It was going to be a straight up dog match for the most part.


The first turn saw him delay my Talanka and the big B, so since he had no ranged models, and my draw cards came up first to boot, so with my main hitter off board, I decided just to sit in my deployment zone and let the fight come to me while i wait for my reinforcements to come back to the table. But, he only partially obliged me, only doing single moves or just over. So, all moving and posturing. Both sides used zero level spells of Divine Vigor. He also cast a Divine might on Ammat.


Second turn, his cards came up first but again since he only had done single moves the first turn and I had sat still, it still took a double move for him to come across. So, he blessed his guys, and invigorated his big hitter and sent them across. I of course welcomed him and blessed my own guys and swarmed as best as possible. Fairly even trades overall. Luckily for me, the rest of his army also had to double move to come across. My reinforcements came on and really did nothing this turn but get set up for the next. It was too early to use the Ironskin, didnt want to waste a turn with it. I did get off a successful casting of the Beguile on his Sokar's avatar and a single Ammat Devourer. I took at out that soldier but played defensive for the moment related to the big solo.


Third turn, now the Ironskin comes into play and I send in my big hitter and he does his job on some soldiers. But, due ot the damage reduction of the enemy, I have to use both swings to only get a couple of them, I cant swing thru on two different sides to knock out a whole rank of them. He blesses again and sends in the blessed, invigorated, divine mightied Ammat at my big B. And proceeds to Put me on my last track despite my Ironskin. Or I guess I should say that the Ironskin kept me on the last track. Of course, he also sent in a provoking pygmy Anubis Guard which got the one hit it needed to force me to put all defensive swings back on it. I pasted the guard, but man what a trade for him. Talanka was hoping to use her spell points to renew the Ironskin later, but I had to use them to cure2 instead.


The soldiers were all blessed and trading blow for blow. and the goblins were doing just enough from their reach position to earn their dollar a week wages. I sent the 3 Raiders sprinting towards Thoth in the background who was just sitting back, blessing and invigorating stuff.


Turn four, I braced for his Avatar to come finish off my B. But, surprised he instead tried to rush Toghra, but came up just short. I cast Summon spectral minions and surrounded him to make sure that he wouldnt be able to attack my Toghra and then I backed up a little. He rushed a devourer towards toghra but couldnt quite get there because of that move. Thoth used his warcasting to mire my big B while he messed with my raiders. Luckily, I still had a couple of spell points with Talanka and she was able to dispel it. My partially healed B finished off Ammat and the bludgeon helped keep Ammat from returning the favor. The soldiers wre still whittling each other down, but at this point he still had a few devourers and I was pretty much down to my goblins. I was always getting single cleaves, but just missing on the second hit with the gnolls so those marching constructs kept on marching.


Turn five, (we didnt even realy know it was turn 5 already and i think we ended up playing like 7 turns) he used his devourer to kill one of the spectral minions, clearing the path for the Avatar to finally take out Toghra, not allowing Toghra to use the resurection spell. But, wait a minute.. I made my tough roll, YES!... But, wait another minute.. Steve reminds me that I gave him an Albotross Amulet at the beginning of the game and he decides to force me to reroll this roll... And of course, my luck does not hold out for the second roll..


Some of the other details are a little fuzzy, but somewhere in there, Toghra had invigorated the Big B before she died. And both Talanka and the Big B charge Sokar's Avatar, and kill it with the help of that extra swing. The avatar killed big B likewise. Him missing his tough roll by one. The goblins swarmed and finished up Thoth. So, what was left on the table at this point was Talanka and 2 goblins (each from different troops), and 2 devourers each with a point of damage. So, I guess if we called the game right then based on turns I would have won, but we just kept playing...


Talanka and one devourer battled and Talanka won that one. But, the devourer took her to her last track in return. So, now it comes down to this... Talanka on her last track (no tough) and two separate goblins who obviously were not going to get thru the damage reduction construct skins.


I made a huge mistake here.. Since Talanka was a leader, she should have regrouped the goblins and gone all in at once. The devourer only had 2 defensive swings and couldnt hit all three. But, I was banking on Talanka being able to finish the job herself with cleave, which would leave my little goblins standing victorious. But, it was not to be. Talanka got one hit, no cleave, and died in return. So.. What remained on the field was the 2 goblins (in separate troops) and the devourer. Nefsokar had won..


Post game thoughts: Even though I ended up losing the game since we kept playing, I was happy overall with the performace of the gnolls. There is always a bunch of what ifs that happen, but the fact that I was not able to use really any of my original game plan, there was nothing to drink, nothing was susceptible to shaken, and i had to take low DV models up against a bunch of rock skins.. and still almost pull it out.. I came away feeling decent about it. Makes me wonder how it would have been different had those neffies had been circulating veins...

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