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A vampiric what?

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It can't be. I read the battle report by Stubbdog and blinked at the line. Did he just say something about gnolls drinking? He means Pepsi, right? Because Coke is the only real drink, so gnolls probably prefer Pepsi. That's logical. But he can't mean...no, it's too horrible to imagine. I had to rush to my lair. Flip, flip, flip...gnolls this, gnolls that, ah, gnoll reaver. No - blasted - way. A VAMPIRIC GNOLL! The shame of it all. A living vampire. A warm blood doing my shtick. It's not right! Someone has to stand up for the undead. Someone has to be their voice. Who's with me?!

Oh, and it sounded like a great game, as usual. Now I want my Vampires to come out to play. You remember Vampires, the models formerly known as the only blood drinking creatures in the game. Oh the shame. I guess I'll have to have a few in my Kargir army just to cover my vampiric bases.

And while I'm on a rant, what is up with Kyla, self titled "vampire hunter"? Fluff says she wants to stake Judas Bloodspire. Yeah, have you seen his stats? Now look at your stats. Back to his stats. Back to your stats. Now run along before you get hurt. Pfft, silly 50 point model dreaming of taking out the Bloodspire. Can't - be - done - period.

So I'm having fun read Savage North tonight.

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