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"Bruti's Last Stand"


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Hello everyone.

I thought I would share my entry into WAMP's Red Box Games Miniature Painting Contest. This was the 1st Red Box Mini I ordered, but was waitng until the right time to paint him. I guess the contest was it.

Comments and Critiques Welcome.











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This is great! I love the patchy snow. The only thing that bothers me is the arrows. Did you make them? Maybe if the feathers were paper...It would be more " in scale" That's a minor thing though. You are rockin my friend!!!


Yep, I made them out of green stuff and styrene dowel. The feathers did get a little thick. I rolled out the green stuff flat but the thinner it got it kept ripping, so I went a little thinker. I should have thought about paper though. Great idea. I will do that on the next set of arrows I make.


Thanks for the comments, I had to push my self on this one and it is great that people think I did a good job on it.

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I wanted to thank everyone for your comments on Bruti. I am glad you all liked him. I have some ideas to use him on another base for a different comp. so you may see him again within a completely different scene. I will have to add some OSL to him as well for that scene to work, so there will be a little changing of the paint job as well.


Thanks again

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