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Clockwork Irish part deux


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The Clockwork Irish army swells in ranks. You can find the original thread here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40274-clockwork-irish/



50178 Andre Durand seems to be a companion character to Sascha. They're both Time Chasers. I'm not sure what to use him for, but the more the merrier.



50012 Jack the Ripper seemed like a great stand-in for an assassin or something. I replaced his hands with a couple of antique pistols off the sprue of 50133 Mira, Post-Apocalyptic Heroine, which means he has the hands of a woman. Shocking!


The rest of these have been shaded with Army Painter Quickshade, Strong Tone, which I've been experimenting with.


50118 Oktoberfest Fraulein is the army musician. I cut out her mug and replaced it with the fiddle and bow from the 3032 Musical Instruments pack. Pretty much the entire thing was stolen from Citrine's great Frauleins, but wait! I added freckles.



50063 Jeeves, Clockwork Robot looks a little bit different with Quickshade. Using it is a learning process. This Jeeves ended up with too much collected in his elbows and other places. He hasn't been hit with Dullcote yet, so he's still a bit shiny.



50138 ALF 24, Robot Assistant is the third type of rank and file troop. He's also pretty shiny as he awaits Dullcote.



These are some of the other troops in progress. They have just a base coat and a dip in Quickshade at this point. They come out very shiny, pretty brown on the white colors, and covered with durable but slippery varnish.


I've got a few more in the works:

50045 Jesse Moonwalker, Werewolf, with his robotic arm of course.

50104 Jackhammer, Supervillain, to complement Crosswire as elite troops.

60044 Damiel, Iconic Alchemist, as standard-bearer.

and 50145 Dr. Totenkranz as a stand-in for a big nasty, maybe the Necropolis Bone Horror.

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Thanks all. I like the green color too. It was one of the things that gave me the idea for this army. Group shots are definitely something for later on, but if you check the other thread I have a shot of the whole 300 point starter army, which is Rosie and a bunch of Tool Bots.


Citrine: I may start painting up all kinds of things with this color scheme just as an excuse to add freckles. I almost put freckles on ALF 24.


EbonStorms: You should! Maybe I can steal some of your ideas for mine.

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