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My Reaper miniatures

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My name is Dexter Lacuanan and I am from the Philippines. I have long been a fan of Reaper miniatures and this is the first time that I will post some of my works in this forum.


Let me start by sharing my interpretation of Strohm the Earth Sorcerer...



When I first acquired this miniature, I was amazed at the sculpt and pose of this miniature which struck me with its' potential. I particularly loved the way the miniature was sculpted in order to make it look like he is conjuring something from the ground. With this in mind, I then sculpted its base to make it look as if the Earth itself propelled him upwards in order to give him a better vantage point of the battlefield. Also, in view of the fact that I would be incorporating this miniature in my Warhammer Empire Army as a Wizard of the Jade Order, I also sculpted some cobblestone on to the base in order to tie him in with all of my Empire units whose bases are all hand painted ala "cobblestones" and this is what I came up with...








I hope you guys like what I did with this magnificent miniature sculpted by Jim Johnson!

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that looks great. The only thing that seems "off" to me is that the earth column he's standing on seems too homogeneous. If you dig into the ground you'll find it's not very homogeneous at all (at least where I live), with rocks of varying sizes, roots and different kinds of dirty. But again it looks really good and it's just a minor thing. Great work!

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Let me first express my gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to go over my posts and who took the trouble of posting their respective comments herein. I truly love this hobby of ours because it is both rewarding and humbling at the same time especially when ones's work is recognized and acknowledged by people whose work you equally admire and respect!


I have long been a fan of Reaper miniatures and this forum as well as the works of its members and it is truly humbling to be on the receiving end of such much-appreciated words of encouragement.


Your comments and feedbacks are greatly appreciated and they provide me with the encouragement and motivation to keep working on my miniatures and improve my craft. I tend to be very critical of my work and I need the objective evaluation of talented individuals as yourselves to provide me with a barometer to guage how much I am improving.


@ vejlin


I agree with your observation that the "earthworks" on my miniature are "too homogeneous" and I initially wanted to put more "rocks of varying sizes, roots and different kinds of dirty" on it but I was reluctant to do so because I was afraid that overtime, the miniature might lose these "extra details" because I would be using him for my tabletop wargames and the frequent exposure of the mini to the rigors and stress of transport, deployment, movement and the attendant manhandling that comes with gaming might eventually cause those extra details to fall off or chip off the miniature. Hence, I intentionally chose to make the earthwork "homogenous" thereby making the fig easier to use and handle. I think the idea is there anyways.


Nonetheless, I shall work on another Strohm figure (this time for display purposes) and I shall try to incorporate more "rocks of varying sizes, roots and different kinds of dirty".


Again, thanks for the comments!

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