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I just got word that Merlon Clemmons passed away yesterday. I will post more when I find out about funeral times and/or place to send cards.


Although I only saw Merlon a few times a year, and as such didnt know him as well as some others, he was a very good competitor but at the same time quick to help teach others for the betterment of the game.


My condolences to his family.

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I had the good fortune of knowing Merlon. He was a great guy and has a wonderful family. We played D&D together for two years and he was one of the most fun players a DM could have. Merlon introduced me to Reaper, and convinced me (rightly so) that ReaperCon was a great use of four days. I will miss him greatly.



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From an email sent by Merlon's family:




To Friends and Family of Merlon Clemmons:


Merlon passed away Thursday, September 30, after a 96 day battle in the hospital. A

Wake will be held in his memory on Saturday, October 9 at our house, starting at

6pm. Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you think would like to know or



Lisa Clemmons

459 Woodhurst Dr.

Coppell, TX 75019


Lisa has an additional request. She would like to collect your memories and stories

about Merlon. She will be printing some of them out to share at the wake. Please

email these directly to her at [email protected]

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