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03506 Egyptian Priestess

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I had to paint this one as soon as I saw it. But not before the customary two month sit on the "unpainted" shelf.


She comes with a little baboon, which I haven't finished yet. He's coming along though, and I'll post him up here when he's finished.

As you can see, a harsh existence of carting around excessive amounts of gold means there is precious little allowance for the weight of clothes. This was life in ancient Egypt, savage as it may seem today.

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Thanks folks! The baboon is really stealing the show, isn't he? I wasn't sure what to do with him when I first got the pack, but now I think they go together pretty well. If I were any good at cutting minis from their integrated bases, I think it would be cool to rebase the baboon up on some desert rocks so that the priestess' hand is on his head. I bought an extra to maybe do that in the future.


twjolson: I see what you mean about the dark shadows on the skirt. Some of that is real shadow caused by my eclectic lighting setup, but if incidental shadows darken it by that much, maybe it should be lighter to begin with. Softer shadows would have given it a much more elegant look. Something to keep in mind for the future. Thanks!

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