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Painting dirt


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1) Think carefully about where the dirt would go (if you have young kids, look at their clothes). Usually, you'll want dust around the hems of trousers and skirts/dresses. For really dirty clothing, add dirt to knees, elbows, cuffs, possibly thighs and collar.


2) Weathering usually needs to be subtle; use glazes and washes or add a bit of your dirt color to the paint you use for the clothing when you get to the right places (a wet pallette works well for the latter). The technique is fairly similar to sheer clothing (NNN).


3) If you want visible spatters, make sure they aren't too large; spatters of mud tend to be pretty small in most places.


4) If you're really serious, artists' pastels work pretty well for the dusty look, but the surface is very fragile. They work much better for display figures than for play figures.

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