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League Play

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Our League finished up. Over the past month we have played over 30 games. Getting in the maximum of three games per week was a big factor in how people placed. I only had around a 40% win ratio but I still did well enough to place second due to volume of games played. Outek played hard at the end and managed to jump his final score up considerably.


Anyway, contrat to our top 5:


1st Kim Mouselingstead (Icinstead using Mouseling proxies)

2nd Castlebuilder Corrupted Smurfs (Bloodstone Gnomes)

3rd Outek Koborlas

4th Jack Tembrithil

5th Cory Kragmeer

We are going to have a debrief on Tuesday to discuss what worked and what needs tweaked. I'll have a revised set of our League rules shortly after that if anybody is interested in seeing them.

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