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Lord of Slaanesh


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This was a real challenge to paint. Comments and critiques welcome. Linked for excessive Slaaneshery.


Needs its Dull Cote, then it's done.









Next up. Mount needs a saddle and reins, though. Me no know the Green Stuff. Head from a Cthulu pack I found at the Asylum, then the Fly Demon is from Reaper, and body from GW. This guy ought to look pretty kick butt. I hope to do him justice.


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The finished piece looks great! I'm not sure what I like the most about it, but the metallics are high up on the list. Maybe it's just rattling around in my brain because I have tickets to go see Roger Waters perform The Wall next Sunday, or maybe it's the creepy tongue and mutant-inappropriately-exposed anatomy, but the worm-thing reminds me a little bit of Pink's wife from one of the animated scenes in the movie (Pink Floyd's The Wall)...


I look forward to seeing this new creation develop (will you be doing a WiP thread?) or at least some pix once it's complete.



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Thanks, all. This guy perplexed and frustrated me for a number of reasons, but he came together better than I had anticipated.


Kang, not sure if I will do a WiP of this guy. I like doing those. It helps me learn and do a better job when I reflect on the process with a WiP, but time is tight nowadays. I've been stealing hours to paint in order to keep myself from going nuts between working full time and being a full time grad students. I had thought that I'd have no time to paint, but then I realized that while I couldn't paint entire units, I could paint hero models. Having a creative outlet makes things a lot better!

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