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Models and Terrain

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So I had a situation yesterday. I was on a 2 tier hill. Tier 1 had a 1 inch border around the second tier. Just like the picture on p. 18. I had some guys based on tier 2 more than a 1/2 inch from the edge. Up comes a giant based model to base them. But in no way could it fit on the tier 2 or tier one part of the hill. They said that they could base my models. Is that the case?

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I would have to say it all depends on what was agreed upon before the game.


From a sportsmanship perspective, the intent was to let people on different levels still fight each other if the only issue between them is simply the elevations. So, from that point of view I would allow it.


From the "realism" perspective, I guess it also depends on the style of your hills. Were they suppose to represent a cliff type setting where if the giant size base cant fit then the model cant be there, or is it a normal hill and you are representing it with flat angular pieces, but should be a rolling hill where the model could theoretically be there. I have played in games with both types of terrain. They both are valid, but need to be agreed upon.


Lastly, from a rules stickler perspective, regardless of whether or not you agree that the giant model can be on the next tier or not, if the model on the top tier is more than a half inch away from the edge, then contact cannot be made.. which supports a negative response.


So, really all are valid. Its just a question of how much of a rules stickler you are verses what the intended representation of your terrain is suppose to be.

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