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Moira, Paladin


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After a few weeks of no painting due to Humans vs Zombies week, I am back to painting. Granted, won't be able to get back to full speed until after two midterms are done, and my Halloween costume is assembled, but back to painting nonetheless!


This is Moira, our aesamaar paladin. By roleplaying, she doesn't know she has celestial descent, and is really wondering how the heck she got to be so old, without apparently aging. She'll have a dark brown hair in the end, but I don't do hair until last. I haven't done any shading yet, but the general feel of her is getting going with the colors in there. I'm realizing that details with metallics stink (as far as workability). Flow improver maybe, for next time?


And I started on her before HVZ week, just had to put painting aside. Next figure will have primer. I got a paint-on so I won't tweak over spray bottles (grumble grumble).



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Yeah, I'll take the picture again soon. Midterms this week so she's going slowly. Her tabard is Liche Purple, and the trim is Winter Blue. Plate armor is Chainmail with Shining Gold trim. Her belt and bag are simple warm brown tones.


I did the shading on the tabard and the leather, and the first layer of shading on the plate. Going to go back and bring up highlights on the plate now. Still have the weapons, base, and hair to deal with. And I need to hide the player's initials somewhere on the figure!

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