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Another 500 point option, that has a few more models but also a lot more synergy and play options:


Dwarves - 500 points


Troop 1

Logan Battlefury

Armor of Courage (or Book of Tactics)


Warrior x 2



Troop 2

Ursula, Bear Rider

Bear Rider x 3

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I was just curious.Is there a more "skirmish" oriented game for Warlord? Something that only uses say,6 to 10 figures? Can you play Warlord with that few? Thanks


There are always rumors of this or that but there are supposed to be new campaign rules coming out, which would most likely be more skirmish oriented. Additionally, a couple of the guys made a Warlord meets Mordhiem set of rules which look very good. Those rules are called the Brettinburg Campaign and are on ReaperGames downloads.


I've brought this up before but Warlord isn't a "skirmish" game, it is a "company" based game and there is a big difference between 1 maxed out troop of 12, and 24 models divided into 4 or 5 troops. A "skirmish" based game is generally thought of as a single warband like Mordhiem or Dogs of war, Alkemy, Heroclix, Pulp City and generally they are 4-12 models. Warlord was not designed to be played as a single troop or warband, and some factions would be hard pressed to create more than a couple decent warbands even at the 300pt mark.


Granted, you can play small games but trying to make it a true skirmish or warband game would be difficult across all the factions, as some factions' strength lie in their numbers or their activations or ability to limit activations. I think many faction would lose flavor and fun when pigeonholed into such small bands. You also lose all the monsters and solos as well as certain spells, equipment and abilities in such small one troop games.

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