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So I guess the full title is World Invasion: Battle:LA


Terrible title, nice trailers:









I'm hearing terrible things about Skyline.  Almost so terrible I want to see it.  Anyone have spoilers?







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I thought this had potential.




Yes. They've started running commercials on prime-time TV and the ads look good.


I'm just afraid that it will turn out a lot like Ninja Assassin did. Great concept, good budget, some really awesome special effects (mostly of limbs being severed and blood flying) but then a lot of chopped-up, ultra-edited fight scenes and just totally unrealistic physics. When he started throwing shuriken through people, my suspension of disbelief was totally broken.

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I'm hearing terrible things about Skyline. Almost so terrible I want to see it. Anyone have spoilers?

I checked it on Rotten Tomatos and the critics are ripping it for having flashy special effects but horrible acting. Bad script too.


Not surprisingly, the fans are giving it a 75% approval rating. :lol:

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My friend Michelle had this to say:

Just when I kept thinking it couldn't get worse...it did.


Of course, she's the only one I know who's seen it so far...


EDIT: And more of my friends reviews are in:

im letting the wife pick the movies from now on.... just saw skyline and it was the worst movie ive seen in ages
and this was the worst movie ever!! No plot at all, no explanation with the aliens it was just bad!! Laughable even! Don't waste your $$
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no explanation with the aliens


I've never really felt that this was really necessary for an alien invasion movie tho. I mean they're aliens, how much would we really know anyways? 'Sides the reasons for an invasion of any type are usually pretty self explanatory. I mean I doubt that the Polish really stopped to wonder why the Germans were steam rolling them in the '30s, huh? Yeah, they probably assumed it was about land/resources/power and just got on with getting the hell out of the way.


Unless the aliens are here to turn us into intergalactic sex slaves, I don't think that there's really any new reason for a planetary invasion that is going to make or break a movie like this. :lol:

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I was cited for being in possession of an illegal firearm in high school because I shot a spitball with a straw. dry.gif

I don't want to doubt you.... but seriously??? blink.gif


No. Absolutely. Not. Serious.


But isn't it sad, when I mention Massachusetts, home of the Minute Men, the Shot Heard Round the World, the entire Revolution, and I joke about such oppressive gun control, and people have to stop and think for a second if I am being a smartass.


In all seriousness though, it is extremely difficult to obtain a gun permit in Massachusetts.


The only thing protecting Massachusetts from any sort of invasion would be the fact that New Hampshire and Maine are so close. But they'd probably let the aliens have us.

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