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Zombie Walk Revisited


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As stated in an earlier post, I went to Zombie Walk Dallas 2010 and had a good time. I dressed as an upstanding radioactive zombie in a bright orange jumpsuit.


---> Fine Upstanding Zombie (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=168855299796395&set=t.105390279501156)


The image link above is important for identification purposes, as you will see soon.


Today I was sent video of the Walk. I was featured at the end. The very, very end.


---> Video (http://www.youplusdallas.com/stories/deep-ellum-zombie-walk)


I've always been described as a bit high strung. I don't know what those people are talking about.



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I decided I'd represent Reaper at the zombie walk with my interpretation of the Bucket Head Zombie from Plants vs Zombies. Once people started "getting" who I was it seemed I couldn't shamble anywhere without having my pic taken. My gf was dressed up as a schoolgirl with a zipper running down the front of her and her skin "peeled" from neck to navel (so I don't think I can post her picture here).



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Denver Zombie Crawl!


Was a bit of a mess on organization, since they tried getting a head count to see if it was a record number at a crawl, but still fun.




Person who took the pic is a reporter for the Examiner, who has the job of investigating zombies in the area. I'm in the center, with a version of my zombie Barbie outfit. The rest are friends from college and all Humans vs Zombies addicts.


After seeing your pic I am sad that I did not see any PvZ costumes!

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