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GWAR beasties + Motorhead Troll


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Hi all, I recently finished painting these 2 GWAR beasties, Gor-Gor and the World Maggot, and the Motorhead-shirt-wearing Troll was painted over 10 years ago- oddly enough, I moved to a new town and visited the local mini shop and to my complete surprise, they had another of the Troll available- I always wanted to strip the figure down and try it again since I had painted it in a 24-hour non-stop blitz, so now I get another shot AND get to keep the original work- just gotta think of what album cover I want on there.


Comments and/or suggestions more than welcome, I am a bit nervous posting these pics after seeing all of the other awesome work here on these boards!





World Maggot







Motorhead-shirt Ogre (I will resize this if it is too big or just leave it out)


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Thanks for the compliments, I am hard at work on another GWAR piece, plus a recently acquired Reaper Mummy Lord (which I am calling "King Eddy" due to how much he looks like he belongs on an Iron Maiden cover)

So I will definitely be posting more pics soon, your kind words helped stoke the fire!

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