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Dead and Dismembered Minis


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Maybe I am missing it in the Reaper Store, but do they make figures that are dead? Or assorted limbs? I wanna populate a diorama with such.


I don't want to putz with chopping up other mini's and such, so I'm looking for pre-made.


If not Reaper, do you know of any other manufacturer that does?

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Reaper has these casualty markers:And Foundry has lots of casualties packs from different periods, if you go to their website and do a search on "casualties".

Those are exactly what I was looking for, I wish reaper made more though, with more variety. Thank you greatly.


I've got a few beheaded models easily converted into dead guys. :zombie:


Where did you get the beheaded model? Or did you make them from regular minis?

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