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Airbrush technic


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Hi there...


First of all sorry for my poor english :unsure:


yesterday i tried to paint a mini with airbrush, my problem is that the result isnt smooth, you can see little spots.

My intentiom was to use the airbrush to achive a smooth and well blended colour result.


I ll try to tell you what i did and maybe you will see what went wrong and the result was grainie..


I delute the colours for airbrush myself.I do this with glass cleaner and i try to have a milky result.

I tried to hold the airbrush at about 8-10cm away from my mini.

My needle tip was clean.

I used an airbrush that has not a very thin needle.

The air at compressor was at 1 bar.

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Little spots. That sounds like splattering. (I messed about with an airbrush once; never achieved anything worth posting a picture of; but I did learn how to splatter <_< )


You need a forum full of airbrush experts:




But, welcome to the Reaper forum, and if even if you find your answer at theairbrushforum don't stop visiting here.

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thank you for your help guys.


i found where the problem was and its kind of embarassing :down:

because im noob at this i didnt clean well enough the fluid nozzle of my airbrush and the paint stuck in the hole.


Because its a really difficult point to clean (its a very small hole and even with neddle you couldnt clean it - the needle is too big) i will write how i cleaned it and maybe it would help someone with the same problem in the future.


I used a wire that i bought for making terrain, its a really thin one and its the only one i found that is thinner than the fluid nozzles hole, so it made my life easier in cleaning that perticular part...

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